Four poems from the 2013-14 San Diego Poetry Annual have been nominated by publisher Bill Harding for a Pushcart Prize:

Niñitas Santas, by Alberto Paz (Marca Frontera / Border Mark:  the bilingual volume of the annual)

Out of the Closet, by Nina Blackwell

Carrying the Flute, by Charlene Baldridge

For the Kids, by Steve Kowit

Congratulations to the nominated poets and to all those who contributed work to the 2013-14 annual.

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July 13, La Jolla/Riford Library, hosted by Bill Harding:  22 contributing poets to the 2013-14 annual, including Sandy Carpenter, Janet Foster, Mary Lenore Quigley, Bobbie Jean Bishop, Regional Editors Jim Moreno and Seretta Martin.  Pictured below:  Cheri Bentley-Buckman, Regional Editor Brandon Cesmat, Alison Harding, Julie Brossy and Regional Editor Olga Garcia, Ron Salisbury.


OlgaRon S





June 10, Cafe Cabaret in Normal Heights, hosted by Jim Moreno:  19 contributing poets to the 2013-14 annual, including Sharon Elise, Chris Vannoy, Michael Mark, Lizzie Wann, Joni Mayer, M’Lou Reeves, Dewey Reeves, Diana Griggs, Regional Editors Olga Garcia, Jon Wesick and Seretta Martin.  The evening was broadcast on KNSJ — 89.1 FM and knsj.org.

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The Escondido Municipal Gallery hosted a special reading for the San Diego Poetry Annual 2013-14 on May 4th, hosted by Regional Editor Robt O’Sullivan Schleith (below).  A crowd of 40 showed up to hear exceptional talents, like Sharon Elise (center) and Gordon Johnson read from the new annual.

Robert O'Sullivan Schleith May 2014  Sharon Elise May 2014


Gordon Johnson May 2014

Paul Syzmanski May 2014Paul Szymanski (above), a regular contributor to the annual, charmed the audience with his new poem, The Last Rhino Found Shot.

SRO — a full house at the April 17th reading for the San Diego Poetry Annual 2013-14 at the Mission Hills branch library in Hillcrest. Special thanks to librarian Stephen Wheeler, shown watching from the back, and event host Curran Jeffery, shown  introducing poet Karen Stromberg.





On April 8th, the Friends of the Hervey/Pt Loma Library sponsored a special reading for the San Diego Poetry Annual 2013-14.  50 people attended and 15 contributing poets read their work from the new annual.  The event was hosted by contributing poet Regina Morin.  Pictured below, branch librarian Christina Gonzalez with publisher Bill Harding:

2014 Pt Loma

National Poetry Month kicked off a day earlier at Southwestern College, with a reading from Marca Frontera/Border Mark, as part of the 5th annual Guest Writers Series, created by contributing poet and translator, Professor Francisco J. Bustos. (see post below for details)

Thanks to the efforts and vision of Professor Francisco J. Bustos of Southwestern College, Marca Frontera/Border Mark, the volume of bilingual poems of the San Diego Poetry Annual 2013-14, received a grant from the SWC foundation and from Poets & Writers Foundation.  A special reading by contributing poets to the bilingual volume was held on Tuesday, April 8.  Scheduled for 1 to 2 p.m., the reading ran almost an hour longer due to a vibrant Question and Answer period.  Olga Garcia, editor of the bilingual volume, moderated the panel which included eight contributing poets, four of them traveling from Tijuana for the event.

2014 SWCThe reading was part of the 5th annual Guest Writers Series, created by Bustos, who contributes poetry to the bilingual volume and also serves as a translator for it.  He uses the bilingual volume as a textbook in one of his classes.

Garden Oak Press, publisher of the San Diego Poetry Annual, is using the grant to provide free copies of Marca Frontera/Border Mark to contributing poets and translators in addition to donating copies to college, university and public libraries throughout our region.

new central SD libraryThanks to the efforts of Regional Editor Seretta Martin, the new San Diego Central Library has agreed to sponsor a reading for the San Diego Poetry Annual 2013-14.  The special event will take place Sunday, April 13, from 1 to 3 p.m., in the auditorium.

Street parking is free downtown on Sundays.   The new central library is located at 330 Park Blvd, San Diego, 92101.  The 2012-13 annual and its companion bilingual volume are currently on display as part of the Local Authors Exhibit.

The 2013-14 San Diego Poetry Annual was published February 26, 2014.

2013-14 SDPA cover

  • This year, for the first time, the complete annual is comprised of two volumes:  a volume of 206 poems in English and a volume of 49 bilingual poems.

Marca Frontera cover

  • Rising printing costs and a growing bilingual section have necessitated this change.  The cost of a single volume containing all the poems would have beeen greater than the cost of the two-volume set.
  • The volume of poems in English is available online and in bookstores for $15, plus tax and shipping.  The bilingual volume, Marca Frontera / Border Mark, retails for $10.

A list of contributing poets and their poems has been posted on this website for both volumes.

     Frontera Corporal, the bilingual volume of the 2012-13 San Diego Poetry Annual edited by Olga Garcia, is now being used as a text book at Southwestern Community College.

The college bookstore stocks Frontera Corporal for purchase by students in the English composition class taught by Dr. Francisco J. Bustos, a regular contributor to the annual.  In keeping with its policy of creating permanent status for the annual in public and university libraries throughout the region, Garden Oak Press makes copies of the bilingual volume available at cost to the college and earns no profit from the sales.


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