The Kowit, 2017

UPDATE:  The awards ceremony for The Kowit 2018 will be held Friday, March 22, 2019, starting at 6:30 p.m. on the 9th-floor rooftop Shiley Room at Central Library, downtown San Diego.

Congratulations to all 2017 honorees.

The Steve Kowit Poetry Prize 2017:  $1000

 Vivian Shipley   —  Cargo

 Runner Up:  $250

Leona Sevick —                                                                                                       Johns Hopkins Hospital, at the Corner of Orleans and N. Broadway

 Second Runner Up:  $100

 David Allen Sullivan  —  Walking the Eight Verses Trail

Honorable Mention

Robin Becker: Words With Friends

Linda Bryant:  No One Knows Why

Molly Larson Cook:  The Pursuit of Happiness

Rachel Guido deVries: Tattoo:  A Memory

Frankie Drayus:  Blue Agave

George Drew:  Camping Out on the Styx

Richard Elden:  Eclipse At Wounded Knee

James Ellenberger:  Geometry makes you tender

Jana-Lee Germaine: The Manicure

Janlori Goldman:

Ode to the Apricot Tree on 9th Street, Durango, Colorado

Diana Ha:   Age

Jeremy Halinen:  Siren

Matt Hohner:  You Learn a Friend’s Friend Has Died

Rosa Lane:  Dear Shakespeare

Tamara Madison: Waiting for the Scythe

Debra Marquart:  Even on a Sunday Drive

Mary O’Connor:  Cut and Save

Cece Peri: Who Says Bodhisattvas Can’t Have Fun?

Tania Pryputniewicz: Moscow Road

Vivian Shipley: August 21 2017, The Solar Eclipse, College of Charleston, SC

Vivian Shipley:  Open Sesame

  • Open for submissions on June 15 through October 15 annually.
  • Click on The Kowit on our main menu, or visit www.sdeag.org for complete entry details.



The Editors and Publishers of the San Diego Poetry Annual have nominated four poems from the 2016-17 edition for a Pushcart Prize in Poetry

  • A Song for Redemption — by Tanaya Winder
  • Jo Jo’s Diner, 3 a.m. — by Jan Beatty
  • The First Strawberryby Kim Noriega
  • James Dean — by Carol Moscrip

The Editor, Olga García, and Publisher of the bilingual volume of the San Diego Poetry Annual have also nominated one poem from the 2016-17 edition (In Vivo) for a Pushcart Prize in Poetry

  • No hagas caso a lo que digan los ángeles  — by Jesús García-Mora
  • Don’t listen to whatever the angels say   — translation by J.E. García

Congratulations to these five poets and to the translator, with thanks for allowing us to publish their work.



The bilingual volume of the San Diego Poetry Annual, edited by Olga Garcia, continues to be used as a text book at Southwestern Community College.

The college bookstore stocks the bilingual volume for purchase by students in the English composition class taught by Dr. Francisco J. Bustos, a regular contributor to the annual.

In keeping with its policy of creating permanent status for the annual in public and university libraries throughout the region, Garden Oak Press makes copies of the bilingual volume available at cost to the college and earns no profit from the sales.